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Invest for Excel® - Features & benefits


  • Investment calculation
  • Profitability analysis
  • Capital budgeting with depreciations and realizations
  • Income statement, Cash flow analysis, Working capital and Balance sheet
  • The most common investment performance ratios: Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Pay-back period
  • RONA, EVA, DCVA and more
  • Comparison of different scenarios and investment alternatives
  • Margin calculation as a difference between investment compared to status quo
  • Automatic consolidation of various investments
  • Break-even and sensitivity analysis in tables and charts of discount rate, investment, income, costs variables affecting profitability indicators
  • Automatically generated reports i.e. balance sheet or profitability report
  • Investment proposal template
  • Enterprise valuation
  • Impairment testing
  • Financing
  • Selection of interface languages: English, German, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian and Czech
  • Currency conversion


  • Invest for Excel® provides a complete overview on investment planning or business valuation enhancing the quality of management process
  • Great modeling tool for any kind of business
  • Structure and clear functionality with the flexibility of MS Excel-based software
  • Standardized investment calculations and proposals to enable easy comparison or consolidation of various projects
  • Calculation errors are eliminated 
  • Nothing of importance is by chance left out of the calculation, as Invest for Excel guides the user in calculations 
  • Calculations and reports can be distributed as MS Excel files
  • Excellent presentation tool, for example in steering committee meetings
  • Calculations made in Invest for Excel can be linked to other calculations made in Excel worksheets
  • Range of ready reports can serve as a complete package for financing applications 
  • User interface is easy to learn because it is based on MS Excel, the most widely used spreadsheet application today 
  • Visual menus, manual, software guide, and dialog boxes give a friendly framework of work 
  • Through 8 available languages that can be changed while working, the tool facilitates management of international business