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Invest for Excel® - Application areas


Investments are sometimes huge projects and even more huge calculations. Our customers in metal, energy, forest, paper, automotive or chemical industries know something about it, as well. Invest for Excel® easily handles the complicated models, but you will notice that your calculation is transparently organized.

All you need to do is define calculation template, enter investments, expected income, costs and working capital. The input variables can be as complicated and have as many dependants, as you want. In other words, if you need to analyze your production process or evaluate building an energy plant, you can do it with Invest for Excel® You can easily model your calculation through applying software functions or Excel formulas.

As a result, you receive a detailed profitability analysis, a great variety of break-even and sensitivity analysis. The results are reliable and correct. You can also consolidate, compare various investments or calculate a marginal effect of investment. You have saved a lot of time and others understand your approach, too.

Invest for Excel® does not require inputting your numbers from the very beginning. If you have other calculations in Excel, you can copy or link without effort.