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We are from a land of the thousand lakes and forests

March 16, 2017

You probably already know that DataPartner is originally from Finland. Finland is one of the Nordic countries which is famous for its beautiful nature, thousands of crystal lakes and rivers, the northern lights, sauna, heavy metal music and Nordic design.

Finland is a little hidden gem located far up North. While it might be small in size, it is big in things to discover!

Today we would like to tell you about one very special Finnish city where our company was born. DataPartner has been established exactly 30 years ago, in a small and charming town called Porvoo, which is situated on the southern coast of Finland.

Porvoo is one of the oldest cities in Finland that is relatively small - with approximately 50 000 inhabitants. It is a bilingual town with people speaking Finnish and Swedish (sometimes even in the same sentence). About 67% of the inhabitants speak Finnish and 30% speak Swedish as their mother tongue.

(photo by Jussi Hellsten, VisitFinland, 2017)

What makes this city so special? – Simply everything! For many years it has been one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Finns call Porvoo - “Summer town” (Kesäkaupunki). It is indeed, extremely beautiful during summer time.  If you ever visit Porvoo, we recommend having a walk through the cobblestoned streets of the Porvoo Old Town. It is a charming place where you can see the landmark of Porvoo – red warehouses, old church and many small shops and cafeterias.

(photos by Jussi Hellsten, VisitFinland, 2017)

The very famous saying “Voir Paris et mourir!” states that if you once see the Paris you will not want to live in any other city. We are pretty sure - if you visit Porvoo in summer once – you will want to come back here next summer again, to find yourself enchanted by its calm magnificent beauty. 

(photo by Jussi Hellsten, VisitFinland, 2017)


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