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How to run Invest for Excel® on a Mac computer (updated in June 2023)

Run Invest for Excel on Mac: Mac OS, Windows 11, Parallels Desktop for Mac, VMware Fusion

While Invest for Excel® is not yet supported natively on a Mac (Microsoft Excel for Mac), it can be run on a Mac computer using virtualization technology! In this article we are going to review two most popular virtualization tools for Mac:

  • Parallels Desktop
  • VMware Fusion

Thanks to modern “Coherence Mode” of Parallels Desktop software and similar "Unity Mode" of VMware Fusion – Invest for Excel can work on a Mac in a very convenient and resource-efficient way. Coherence Mode of Parallels Desktop for Mac and Unity mode of VMware Fusion allow running Windows applications right inside of Mac OS environment, in such a way that Mac and Windows environments merge together and as a result of that, Invest for Excel® visually appears like another Mac application. It works so well that you might not even notice that the application is running on virtualized Windows behind the scenes.

Once it is set up right, you will see a special Windows applications menu on your Mac’s taskbar, allowing you to run any Windows application with a click of a button, while automatically powering on Windows virtual machine in the background. When Windows applications are not needed anymore and closed, it shuts down the virtual machine to conserve your Mac’s resources. 


  • The setup requires small investments to acquire the needed third party software licenses, unless you already have them (Parallels Desktop for Mac / VMware Fusion for Mac, Windows 11, Microsoft Excel for Windows);
  • The setup procedure is a bit complex, therefore we recommend to ask your IT department representative to participate or guide you in the setup process.
  • If needed, DataPartner is ready to help you set up the environment, contact us and reserve a free installation support session!


Step-by-step installation and setup instructions:

1. First, let's make sure you have all required licenses.

Below we bring up the official websites for acquiring the required licenses, at producers' list prices.
And below that (!), we also provide information about possible more affordable way to acquire those same licenses, so read on**

1.1. Buy the virtualization application of your choice: 

Parallels Desktop for Mac, official website:

? VMware Fusion, official website: 

Pricing for both of these products varies by region and by edition and whether you are a student or a commercial user. 

1.2. Buy Windows 11 operating system license.

? Windows 11 Home/Pro Choose the edition and you can download it immediately after purchase.

Home, 145 EUR
Pro, 259 EUR 

1.3. Buy Microsoft 365 Office subscrioption or standalone Microsoft Office for Windows package (with Excel)

Do you have a Microsoft 365 subscription? In that case you already have license to use both Mac and PC versions of Micsrosoft Office apps. To install PC version of Office on your virtual Windows 11, you first need to open Windows-based web browser, e.g. Edge (bundled with Windows 11) and using that browser log in to Microsoft 365 Portal ( and press Install Apps > Install Microsoft 365 apps. Direct link to the software section:, it should detect automatically that you are viewing this page from Windows environment and offer you a download of PC version of Office. 

In case you do not have a Microsoft 365 subscription, and instead only have Mac-based Office license, there is chance that you would need to buy a subscription ar a license that supports PC-based Office/Excel in it.

To buy as a subscription (many options, from $7 USD per month):

To buy as a license ($249.99 USD):

☝️**NOTE: It has come to our attention that e.g. VMware Fusion lifetime license, Windows 11 license and Microsoft Office 2021 for PC licenses can sometimes be purchased for a much better price than available at the official website, at the bulk software license stores, such as* (or similar ones).

For example, here are direct links to a very affordable options:

? VMware Fusion lifetime license (11.90 EUR at the time of writing)

Windows 11 Enterprise license (15.90 EUR at the time of writing)

Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus (includes Excel) (16.90 EUR at the time of writing)

*DataPartner is not affiliated with this website.

2. Make the installation! 

2.1. Download and install the virtualization tool you have selected

Parallels Desktop for Mac or VMware Fusion.

2.2. Install Windows 11 inside of the virtualization tool of your choice

This process is especially easy in VMware Fusion, where it is available as a menu option and you just have to enter the license number in process. In case of Parallels Desktop for Mac, you may have to download and supply the installation image to the program to perform the installation.

2.3. Enable Unity/Coherence mode

When virtual Windows 11 setup is complete, you will be able to run it using Parallels/VMware Fusion program shortcut. By default it starts in Windows mode, follow next step to prepare it for recommended "Coherence mode". 

For best experience, DataPartner recommends using Coherence/Unity mode for virtual Windows 11. In Coherence/Unity mode it is possible to use Windows apps in Mac environment, without even noticing that it is based on Windows. In case of VMware Fusion, you need to make sure you have VMware Tools installed inside of the Windows 11 virtual machine. Once it is installed, you can enable the Unity mode simply by selecting in the top menu: View > Unity.

In case of Parallels Dekstop for Mac with Coherence mode, this feature is not enabled by default and requires installing Parallels Tools for Windows inside of the Windows 11 virtual machine. It can be done by pressing on yellow triangle on Parallels control panel (program's notification that Parallels Tools for Windows are not yet installed). Pressing it will insert virtual disk to Windows 11 with installation package. Proceed by opening the disk and running the installation package. Once it is done, it will offer to restart virtual Windows 11 and upon new start the Coherence mode will be available. To make sure Coherence mode always starts automatically, please specify it in Parallels settings of the virtual Windows 11 under startup mode setting.

2.4. Install Microsoft Excel

Next step is to install the Microsoft Excel (Microsoft Office) inside of your virtual Windows 11. 
You have to be very careful at this step, not to confuse with Mac-based Microsoft Office. 

2.5. Install Invest for Excel®

Once you have the PC version of Excel installed, you are ready to install Invest for Excel®. You need to download the installation package and navigate to the file using Windows-based File Explorer, run and install it. Upon successful installation, you will see Invest for Excel® icon on Desktop and in the Start menu of Windows.

If Coherence/Unity mode is enabled, you will see an extra Windows applications icon on your Mac task panel. Pressing on it will show you identical menu to Windows start menu, allowing to run all installed Windows apps. To run Invest for Excel®, press Windows Apps > DataPartner > Invest for Excel®. This will even star the virtual Windows 11 if it was not started before.

In case of Parallels with Coherence mode, all Windows-based apps will have Parallels logo on them in shape of two red bars, this indicates the app is running on virtual Windows.

On the first run, Invest for Excel® will ask you to activate it, use your license number to activate your installation online in seconds.

Finally, Invest for Excel® is ready for work on your Mac!

Please contact DataPartner if you need assistance or have questions!

*** All third-party software prices are mentioned for general information only, are subject to change without notice.