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Workshop – IFRS: Valuation of assets & impairment testing

Workshop agenda

1. Purpose of impairment
2. Internal and external indicators for impairment
3. Components of the impairment test
4. Selection of discount rate
5. Cash generating units
6. Goodwill and corporate assets
7. Calculation of value in use through examples
8. Reporting and documentation
9. Impairment as a process

Detailed description

Impairment in practice
IFRS is fast becoming the accounting framework in Europe. Impairment (IAS 36) is one of the new procedures among standards. The exposure draft of business combinations means a continuous chain of impairment tests in many companies. To be able to build up an effective impairment process, besides the standard, you need to understand the calculation procedure at a practical level.

The need to manage impairment

Impairment is based on discounted cash flow (DCF) methodology to value business units. DCF is nothing new, but it is a totally new approach to value assets as an accounting principle. The impairment loss has direct impact on a company's net result. In addition impairment has to refer to corporate strategy. This means a challenge to accountants: the need to manage principles and methods to build up a firm impairment process for years to come.

Objective of training
The training gives the participant the knowledge of IAS 36 and how to apply the standard. After training one can create the transparent impairment process and calculate the value in use for goodwill and other assets.

Who should participate?

All involved in the impairment process. You can work as a chief accountant, group controller, head of accountant department, business controller etc.


  • Basic knowledge of Excel.

Results of the workshop:

  • you will understand when and why to make impairment tests.
  • you will know how to make impairment tests in practice.
  • you will understand the basic methodology for valuation of immaterial assets, such as customer base, brand, licenses etc.
  • you have basic understanding of conversion of a balance sheet from local Gaap to IFRS.


  • 1 day


Workshop per 1 day: 670 EUR
Workshop package per 2 consecutive days: 1120 EUR
Minimum number of attendees per workshop: 4
Prices do not include VAT.

The workshops are free for customers with 20% and 25% maintenance agreement.

How to register?

You can register by:
Phone:    +358 19 54 10 100

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