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Workshop – Business valuation for Mergers & Acquisitions

Workshop agenda

I. Theoretical introduction

  • Introduction to discounted cash flow-based valuation of businesses
  • Methods and performance ratios used in acquisition analysis

II. Practical case study

Participants take active part in a workshop and are guided by a tutor in performing all calculations.

  • Setting-up cash flow-based model step-by-step
  • Focus on Balance sheet
  • Income and costs modeling
  • Capital Expenditures
  • Working capital analysis
  • Cash-flow analysis
  • Valuation, Free cash flow -based equity value
  • Acquisition
  • Profitability analysis, performance ratios (NPV, IRR, MIRR, Payback, RONA, EVA)
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Finding break-even
  • Goodwill calculation
  • Effects of acquisition on group P/L account and Balance sheet
  • Valuation of immaterial assets, like Customer base
  • Creating an IFRS3 balance with current values of assets and liabilities
  • Investments comparison techniques
  • Investments consolidation techniques
  • Financing of acquisition

Detailed description

The aim of this workshop is to give you a basic knowledge on how to make valuation on companies and businesses. The valuation is based on Discounted Cash Flow -method. The valuation is done utilizing Invest for Excel® software. The participants will actively take part in all calculations. You will be introduced to all steps of valuation and acquisition analysis. You will see the best framework for organizing your calculation and you will get basic understanding on how various elements affect the valuation. You will learn interpreting the profitability reports and perform sensitivity analysis. You will also learn to recognize which parameters of your investment are the most sensitive and involve the most risk. The training also includes analysis of the group effects of acquisition. During the training the techniques how to compare or consolidate various acquisitions will be covered. You will learn a methodology for valuation of immaterial items as e.g. customer base or brand. How to adapt the balance sheet values from GAAP to current values according to IFRS3. We will make an impairment test of Goodwill, generating a verification report for financial closing. You will also be introduced to the financing module, where you can define the financing scheme for your investment on companies and businesses.

In summary, you will learn business planning, valuation, impairment testing and financing, using Invest for Excel® software in a practical way.  

The training is focused on conducting valuation case studies. All participants actively take part in workshop and make all calculations individually, guided by a tutor.

Each participant receives certificate of completion of the workshop on valuation.


  • Basic knowledge of Excel

Results of the workshop

  • you quickly become familiar with basic concepts and terminology used in cash flow modeling and valuation
  • you will know all performance indicators and how to analyze them
  • you know how to create a valuation in Invest for Excel
  • you know how to use the basic features of Invest for Excel
  • you are able to perform acquisition analysis independently
  • you are able to calculate goodwill of acquisitions
  • you have know-how about asset valuation according to IFRS3
  • you know how to create a professional valuation.


  • 1 day


Workshop per 1 day: 670 EUR
Workshop package per 2 consecutive days: 1120 EUR
PLEASE NOTE special promo pricing in Poland - visit the Polish language page for details.
Minimum number of attendees per workshop: 4
Prices do not include VAT.

The workshops are free for customers with 20% and 25% maintenance agreement.

How to register?

You can register by:
Phone:    +358 19 54 10 100

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