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Terms and conditions


The enrollment fee of the training is paid in advance. It includes lunch unless stated otherwise in the description of the course. If staying overnight the attendant pays all accommodation fees by him/herself. The prices quoted don't include VAT.

Cancellation of the course

If the attendant has to cancel the course following conditions will be applied: 

  • Changing the attendant

    It's possible to change the enrolled person by informing DataPartner in advance.
  • Changing the training date

    Changing the date of the training to a later course is possible. A notification of this must be made two weeks before the date of the training. If the notification is made later than this, DataPartner charges 50% of the enrollment fee.
  • Cancellation of the training

    The attendant must cancel the training at least two weeks before the beginning of the course. If the cancellation is made later, DataPartner charges 50% of the enrollment fee.

Fail to appear without notice

If the attendant fails to appear without notice DataPartner charges full price of the course.

DataPartner holds the right to update these terms and conditions.