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Consulting services - Business planning

Consulting themeOutcomeResult
Creating business models for strategic planning

Proposal of a cash flow based model for strategic planning, setting up frameworks & parameters for modeling. Defining rules and procedures for feasibility studies. Implementation.


The cash flow models for strategic planning are developed and implemented. Datapartner is involved in the implementation phase of recommended solution. As a result, you will be able to define and review the strategic plans of your business in a clear, transparent and systematic way.


Integration of current business model to the software Invest for Excel

Verification of existing models of business planning, development of customer-specific cash flow based models in Invest for Excel software. Training and implementation.


You will improve planning and feasibility studies through integration with Invest for Excel. The extensive functionality of Invest for Excel offers new possibilities in analytical phase and reduces risk for errors in calculations. The quality of investment decision process will improve, which leads to enhancement of shareholder value.