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Regardless of the industry your organisation operates, you need to take important decisions regarding capital expenditures. In today’s pace that business environment evolves, it is more than obvious that you need to perform the financial feasibility studies in the most reliable and quickest way. Otherwise you find yourself acting based on wrong assumptions or taking actions simply too late. But how to perform if the calculations need a lot of time for tracking formulas and revising input variables? And what if your calculations are not standardized, does it mean that you have to repeatedly do your revising job even if the projects are similar? Instead of studying the best capital allocation, you find yourself lost in meanders of calculation models… And the clock is ticking… How can you improve the quality and efficiency of your work?

Getting the tools for facilitating your investment and valuation analysis is one solution. However, being proficient with performing the analysis is a skill that does not come automatically. This is why we offer a range of services that help you develop the organized way of cash-flow modeling.

In our trainings and workshops we guide you how to develop the best calculation models for planning and analysis, models that you could implement organization-wide. Capital budgeting, business valuation, impairment testing and business planning are just a few topics that we cover. Please, view our detailed description of each training or workshop course.

The consulting services we offer aim at improving capital budgeting processes for our customers. Our goal is to enhance the shareholders' value by improving the management of capital and resources.