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Invest for Excel® Editions overview 

Table of Invest for Excel® functionalities 

Software Editions

Flexible definition of calculation term, length of interval periods, discount rate, tax rates and more

Ability to specify multiple capital expenditure outlays, each with its own depreciation method and option for residual value

Profit and Loss statement 

Working capital calculation 

Cash flow statement

Profitability Analysis Report including investment profitability indicators such as NPV, IRR, payback, RONA, EVA, DCVA and more

A wide variety of sensitivity analyses using charts and tabular reports

Ability to calculate break-even points using any input variable

Comparison of various investment options and scenarios

Margin calculation (the marginal effect of an investment as compared to the status quo, e.g. a modernisation project)

Functionality for creating customised charts and sensitivity analyses

Ability to create up to 3 levels a hierarchy so rows within the model can be easily categorised and shown or hidden

Automatically generate the Balance Sheet     
Automatically generate the Investment Proposal 

Multi-currency functionality 

Multi-language functionality (English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Czech)

Create Report Sheets New!

Customisation of headings, rows, and key ratios

Rolling of forecast periods

Monte-Carlo simulations
Financial ratios and DuPont analysis 
Project financing module & Liquidity planning

Consolidation of multiple calculations into one summary file including eliminations of internal transactions

Impairment testing of Goodwill and other assets

Valuation for acquisitions, mergers, and business sales

Perpetuity extrapolation for valuing an entity in a going concern situation

Investor's return: Profitability calculation based on Free Cash Flow to Equity (FCFE)

Business planning template with valuation