Welcome to the Webinar: Scenario Cash Flow Modeling in Minutes - when ''What if'' became unprecedented ''Now what?!'' - DataPartner Software

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Welcome to the Webinar: Scenario Cash Flow Modeling in Minutes - when ''What if'' became unprecedented ''Now what?!''

April 16, 2020

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22 April 2020 at 2p.m. Helsinki time zone


This webinar shows how to create cash flow Scenario Models in minutes and make better decisions on shaping the response strategy.

When "what if" scenarios turned into "Now what?", you need a skill for creating and exploring a range of scenarios with agility and confidence.
Global brands i.e. Daimler, Neste, Stora Enso and over 1750 businesses in 56 countries trust DataPartner for years in cash flow modelling of their investment feasibility studies, analysing ''what if'' scenarios and relying their critical investment decisions on calculations created in Invest for Excel software.

During live-modeling a case study, we will explore the aspects:

- How long the business liquidity runway is
- How long-term profitability is impacted
- Are the actions to re-invent the business model successful (i.e. optimising costs, restructuring debt, developing a new sales channel).

For whom:

- Financial and investment teams
- Business Owners
- Anyone, who wants to learn the powerful Scenario modelling in Excel environment


- How to effectively create a financial cash flow model of your business and consider implications in the current circumstances?
- See the impact on profitability from the monthly view to overall long-term investment indicators
- Apply the model to your business, by simply downloading the free test-version of the Invest for Excel software and start scenario modeling!:


Malgorzata Jargan - DataPartner, VP Business Solutions EMEA

If you want to better understand, analyze and prepare for options to carefully navigate your business from where it was to where it needs to be, join this webinar!


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