There is still time to register to a ''Profit from Circular Economy'' FREE online course and impress with your financial appraisal on your circular economy initiative! - DataPartner Software

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There is still time to register to a ''Profit from Circular Economy'' FREE online course and impress with your financial appraisal on your circular economy initiative!

May 7, 2021

About the course

As the Circular Economy transitioning is a must-have in strategy and actions for a growing number of companies, we invite you to learn how to translate such initiatives into revenue streams of circular business models and examine their financial performance and profitability impact.
In this course you will learn how to create a model and perform a profitability analysis of a circular economy initiative, which will help you in clear communication and decision making on the financial impact of your projects under consideration.
The case study describes the business model of resource recovery and recycling.

How to register

For whom

  • Finance and Management Teams
  • Sustainability Officers
  • Engineers and Production teams 
  • Logistics Teams
  • Everybody interested in discovering and appraising a circular business model
  • Everybody, who searches for tools and techniques adding value in creating sustainability roadmaps

You will learn:

  • How to make a financial appraisal of a circular economy idea, 
  • How to perform a profitability and sensitivity analysis using DCF methodology,
  • How to present your feasibility study idea in a convincing and irresistible way,
  • How to make estimations even if not all data is known,
  • How to make a business appraisal in Invest for Excel software and learn how to use the tool.

Do not miss this course if you aspire to:

  • bring transformation to your current organization processes, sourcing, business models and more,
  • create an impactful presentation with a multi-angled analysis,
  • successfully demonstrate your proposal and outshine with your analytical skills,
  • back-up your standpoint with a factual, memorable and precise financial analysis that everybody will understand, and remember,
  • use the leading valuation tools, which global brands trust for years,
  • clearly articulate the business impact of a circular economy idea,
  • create a sustainability roadmap for your organization and qualify ideas including their profitability impact.


Basic knowledge of financial profitability indicators and discounted cash flow methodology.
We will use Invest for Excel software for creating a financial model and carrying out further profitability analysis. You can watch the course without having the software installed for getting all inspirations and know-how. If you want to solve the case study while following the course, you need to have Invest for Excel software installed (the test version or the full license) on your PC. Download the test version from here. Notice: In the test version, the discount rate options have some limitations, therefore the results will be different.


The duration of video clips is approximately 63 minutes.
It will take approximately 2,5h to complete the course, while you solve the case study on your PC in Invest for Excel software. 

More information:

DataPartner Oy
Malgorzata Jargan (Ms.)
VP Business Solutions EMEA
Tel. +358 40 70 41 493


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