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Make it easy, make it fast!

August 25, 2017

Invest for Excel® is designed to help you create reliable calculations for better investment decisions. It is powerful, yet very intuitive and easy to use tool. In this short article, we will take a look at another handy software feature that can help you accelerate your work speed and eliminate the risk of mistakes.

Data validation

What is it?

Long story short – this function allows you to pick a necessary item from the drop-down menu, instead of typing it. 

Data Validation function in the Income statement


  • Saves time (no need to enter values manually, pick up the one you need)
  • Eliminates mistakes
  • Creates well-functioning structure

How it works:

  • This feature helps you control what can be entered in your worksheet. For example, you can:
  • create a drop-down list of items in a cell
  • restrict entries, such as a date range or whole numbers only
  • create custom rules for what can be entered

How to create it:

  • Create a list with necessary data
  • Select the area/cell where you want to create a drop-down list.
  • Go to Invest for Excel ribbon menu/Format/Data Validation
  • Select a validation criterion: Lists
  • Select a source (select cells with necessary data created before)
  • Press Ok and enjoy results!

How to create Data Validation in Invest for Excel

Application in Financial modelling:

  • Create drop-down lists for typical and repeating items, such as income or cost items in your Income statement.
  • If you have similar repeating projects or investments create a template file with the necessary structure and include drop-down lists.

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