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Join Where to Start and DataPartner's training

May 27, 2022

Manufacturing costs are in flux. So how do you confidently propose change, or explore new initiatives while predicting their profitability? 

Join Where to Start and DataPartner’s free, practical 60-minute training session where you will learn how to identify opportunities for change, while predicting their profitability using robust financial modelling software.  

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Organisational change all too often brings about unintended surprises and complexity - ask yourself, is your team predicting these surprises, and have those scenarios been thoroughly forecasted?

No matter whether you're contemplating digitisation, sustainability or just improving your offering, book a free one-to-one discovery call to see if the training can benefit your business.

DataPartner x Where to Start: a formula for change

During this practical session you will learn to perform a profitability analysis through a manufacturing case study and model various scenarios. 

As well as determining financial efficacy, you will also learn how to navigate change while harmonising teams and aligning company and stakeholder values. 

You will familiarise yourself with an easy way of creating and analysing cash flow models using the Invest for Excel® software by DataPartner Oy. 

About Where to Start

Where To Start is the UK based management consultancy who help unlock businesses growth potential with our unique three stage offering, the Where To Start Navigator Suite learning programmes. Working alongside internal teams the action learning approach provides the tools to Identify new opportunities, Assess the best option for growth and form an Agile transformation plan. Our clients, ranging from Genomics Research to Online Retailers, are taught a structured approach that enables them to work in new and innovative ways whilst promoting 'self-management' in the future. 

About DataPartner

DataPartner Oy is global provider of software products for capital budgeting, financial modelling and valuation since 1987.  The company also offers consulting services and training, internationally. 

Over 1800 companies including Mercedes-Benz, NESTE and Stora Enso rely on the software by DataPartner – Invest for Excel® – for their financial modelling. 

DataPartner and Where to Start's combined programme elevates finance to play an active role in transformation, calculating measurable milestones for the journey. 

To claim one of the limited places available to make scenario modelling and capital budgeting calculations part of your success, register here:

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