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Hydrogen, Decarbonizing and Business /  Start with a financial model and drive your innovation further

February 22, 2024

Investing in, prototyping and continuous innovating over a break-through technology needs financial viability, simulations and planning. It is essential that the concepts have commercial logic and potential, and then can be developed even further. 

Therefore - alongside your innovation - the financial feasibility study shall be developed, too.

The good news - we've made it easy and enjoyable - with the development of Invest for Excel software.

The tool enables combining of technical parameters and data with business streams and finding out - in few clicks - what’s profitable – and what’s not. 

Invest for Excel software is a great fit for developing financial feasibility studies related to innovative technologies and their commercialization, even for non-financial executives and professionals.

We are delighted to present several of our Customers that operate in very innovative segments and bravely conquer the markets with proprietary technologies and new products:

Hycamite TCD Technologies Oy – delivers proprietary zero-emission technology  to produce clean hydrogen and high-quality low-carbon solid carbon products. Both product streams help Hycamite’s industrial customers to decarbonize their business. Based in Kokkola, Finland.

Trinity Biocarbon - a climate technology company that designs, develops, and operates biochar-based carbon removal projects – scalable and ready for immediate deployment. The product streams include verified carbon removal certificates, biochar and renewable energy. Based in the UK, Egypt and the UAE. The company develops its first project in Egypt.

Neste - creates solutions for combating climate change and accelerating a shift to a circular economy. The world's leading producer of sustainable fuels and a forerunner in developing renewable and circular feedstock solutions for polymers and chemicals. Neste helps its customers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. For the third consecutive year, Neste has been ranked as the 2nd most valuable Finnish brand by Brand Finance.

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