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Get transformation ready! - Change navigation and business valuation program

November 30, 2021

DataPartner teams up with the UK-based management consulting company "Where to Start" and invites you to the unique change navigation program designed to help you refine and optimise your business, identify and value new opportunities, especially in the context of ongoing or planned transformation.

About the program

More and more companies experience their transformations lead to disappointment and financial loss. Estimates are that as much as 70% of digital transformations end up in failure.

Our change navigation program addresses the complexity of transformation in qualitative and quantitative phases so that technical and non-technical roles can work collaboratively. The CFO/ Finance Manager gets a seat at the table of transformation to jointly drive the changes leading to lasting, satisfying, and profitable forms of conducting business and serving customers.

No matter whether your transformation is digital, prioritising new values, i.e. sustainability, or just improving ways of working and customer offering – it too often brings surprises and complexity. Are your Teams ready to predict or face them? The programme elevates Finance to play an active role in transformation, calculating measurable milestones for the journey.

In the series of consulting and training events, we aim to inspire and energise your teams. Discover new opportunities to lead your business growth and establish alignment and commitment towards the common goal.


  • Equipping your Teams with Transformation-ready and -happy attitude
  • Providing multi-angled insights to the Management Teams, which lead to better decisions
  • Prevention of transformation failure, ensuring that the newly adopted solutions sustain the test of time
  • Improving internal communications and working culture
  • Determining a course of action supported by an agile plan for your business's short or medium-term
  • Long-term financial valuation of your possible scenarios

For whom

For the Management Teams considering:

  • investing in or already undergoing digital transformation,
  • seeking for effective ways of maintenance of the newly adopted practices,
  • evaluating the new or modified business models, i.e. circular business models,
  • re-evaluating the value proposition for the customer, new products,
  • addressing inefficiencies and pain points, optimising processes,
  • and more


Our program answers the most frequently asked question, "Where to Start," so that businesses can accurately and competently navigate each iteration of their transformation journey with confidence.

In as few as 14 hours of interactive sessions, the process will support a management team to start and navigate their company's transformation in agile iterations of 6 months or fewer so that better decisions for your business can be made.

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More information:

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Mobile: +358 40 70 41 493


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