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Did you know how many universities use Invest for Excel?

February 19, 2018

One of the main goals of any university is to prepare its students for the working life and to equip them with theoretical and practical knowledge and appropriate set of skills.

The gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application can be reduced by introducing modern techniques, frameworks, and tools that are used by businesses.

Over decades, Invest for Excel has been implemented by world’s leading companies to optimize capital budgeting processes. It became a clear industry standard for the investment profitability calculations.

Some of the world’s top-ranked universities have already recognized it and integrated Invest for Excel into their study programs. More and more courses are entirely based on the use of Invest for Excel. Companies underline Invest for Excel’s powerful functionality and simplicity. Teachers have found Invest for Excel framework to be perfect for capital budgeting courses.

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Scinces

We are happy to announce that Haaga–Helia University of Applied Sciences acquired the most advanced Invest for Excel “Enterprise” edition - University license. Now the software can be used in all 4 Haaga-Helia campuses!

We are honored to see that yet another great university has selected our software for teaching! From our side, as always, we promise to deliver the great study cases and teaching materials to help to build outstanding capital budgeting courses.

For DataPartner team, it is important to realize that we indirectly participate in the education and development of the future young professionals!

There are 22 top-ranked universities that use Invest for Excel:

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