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Datapartner releases version 3.6 of Invest for Excel software

January 10, 2011

Datapartner releases version 3.6 of Invest for Excel software, which benefits the users with new features and an improved user interface. The update of new version 3.6 of Invest for Excel is now available for download.  We will now also start sending program CD’s to all Customers with valid maintenance agreements.

Central new features of Invest for Excel version 3.6:

  • Microsoft Excel versions supported - Invest for Excel 3.6 is supported for Microsoft Excel versions 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010 (32-bit) for Windows XP, Vista and 7.
  • Russian user manual     
  • Digitally signed program code    
  • Template folders -Template folders can easily be defined for templates for different types of calculations.
  • Goodwill depreciation tax-deductibility option       
  • Internal Rate of Return before tax          
  • Tornado analysis chart   
  • Debt residual correction 
  • Discount rate’s impact on profitability      
  • Provisions         
  • Deferred taxes  
  • Edit links - Links to external documents can be edited from Invest for Excel’s menus.
  • SharePoint file menu - A SharePoint file menu has been added for quick open from and save to a SharePoint location. (Enterprise-version is required.)
  • Include equity changes - Equity changes can be included when updating financing file cash flows from the calculation file. This way it’s easy to see the financing need after equity for each period.
  • Implied Exit multiple - When perpetuity/extrapolation is used, an implied exit multiple is automatically calculated in the bottom of the perpetuity calculation table. The implied exit multiple is: undiscounted residual value / last years EBITDA.
  • EV / EBITDA - In a valuation file Profitability analysis an EV / EBITDA-ratio is calculated.

Detailed description on the new features:

More information:

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