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Access Analytic's Asia-Pacific Appointment

September 6, 2010

Perth, WA, 31 August 2010: Access Analytic has been selected as the Asia-Pacific partner of DataPartner, maker of Europe's leading financial modelling software, "Invest for Excel®".

Under the terms of the agreement, Access Analytic will market and support DataPartner's key software product "Invest for Excel®" throughout the region.

"We're excited to welcome Access Analytic as our partner, as they bring a strong solution to the financial modelling world," said Jens Westerbladh, Managing Director of DataPartner. "Over 700 companies around the world already use our software and many more have expressed interest in using our solution. This partnership allows us to bring our solution to these clients."

Invest for Excel® is the software solution for capital budgeting and valuation. The tool combines discounted cash flow methodology, IFRS reporting standards and best practices in capital budgeting. Invest for Excel® is industry independent and is suitable for small, medium and large business.

"We are excited about the partnership with DataPartner as it will enhance the range of solutions we provide to clients," said Jeff Robson, Managing Director of Access Analytic. "We've adopted the software solution as the standard used on all consulting assignments as it significantly boosts our productivity and the functionality of the financial models we produce."

About DataPartner

Datapartner Oy is the leading provider of software products for capital budgeting and valuation in Europe. Datapartner was established in 1987 in Finland and has been providing financial modelling consulting, software development and training since that time. 50% of Finland's 30 largest companies use their leading software solution, "Invest for Excel". DataPartner has experienced rapid growth on a global scale and now serves companies from all industries in over 31 countries.

About Access Analytic

Established in 2000, Access Analytic is a leading provider of Business Analyst tools and services. Services include financial modelling, management reporting, training and financial model auditing. Access Analytic is based in Perth, Western Australia and provides services to companies throughout the Asia-Pacific region so they can make decisions with confidence.

Access Analytic Solutions Pty Ltd
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