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Customer story - PRODESA Medioambiente

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PRODESA Medioambiente SL, Zaragoza, Spain, has selected Invest for Excel® as its tool for investment profitability calculations, projects, company assessments and many other functions necessary for relying on the maximum security possible when analyzing future projects and investments. Invest for Excel® also simplifies the precise tracking of projects and investments undertaken. 


PRODESA Medioambiente SL is an engineering company located in the city of Zaragoza, Spain, its mission being to provide comprehensive solutions for the production of solid biofuels along with environmental protection. PRODESA’s facilities are located at PLATAFORMA INDUSTRIAL PLAZA in the city of Zaragoza. Additionally, PRODESA counts with an affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.A.) since 2011, PRODESA NORTH AMERICA CORP., which has positioned the PRODESA brand at the forefront of biomass use in pellet form worldwide.  

PRODESA supplies turnkey plants for the treatment of diverse byproducts and wastes in the following areas:

  • Thermal Drying
  • Biomass Pellets Production
  • Wood Pre-treatment and Processing
  • Biomass cogeneration
  • Gas treatment

Typical stages of projects

The team of highly qualified professionals that make up the workforce of PRODESA allows meeting all stages of projects in an effective manner:

  • Process Engineering
  • Basic and Detailed Engineering
  • Laboratory Tests
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly and Start-up
  • Post-sales Technical Support
  • Plant Operation and Maintenance

Professional calculations in Invest for Excel® give PRODESA clients an edge for obtaining external financing

Invest for Excel® helps in creating feasibility studies of projects presented to PRODESA by their clients. When a client presents PRODESA with a project inquiry, apart from the technical characteristics, the client expects to be provided with the profitability of the project during the operating lifetime and payback time.
Moreover, the customers wish to extend the analysis and build scenarios on possible expansion plans, including new equipment etc. The software perfectly fulfills the requirement of an extended financial analysis and equips the customer with a well-documented project plan and calculations. Such documentation is used in discussions with banks while applying for financing. Professional analysis is the key to demonstrate the project potential and certainly has an impact on obtaining financing. PRODESA customer service gains excellence by being able to respond to customers’ needs in this area.

International expansion

Present strategies are clearly focused towards expansion of international business, having achieved important milestones with its entry in European markets such as those of France, Portugal, Latvia, and Russia, and in the United States. Significant successes are also expected in the short run in Asia and Latin America.

The growing commitment of central European countries since the year 2000 to this type of biofuel –and recently in thermal power plants– favors PRODESA, which already holds 56% of the national market.

The first solid biofuel plant built in Spain by PRODESA Medioambiente was constructed in 2006; the first plant constructed outside of Spain in 2008 was a plant in Portugal with a production capacity of 85,000 ton/year. This major step was followed by the construction of projects executed in France and Latvia. PRODESA has established itself as the benchmark company in this sector in Spain and one of the most important in Europe. Its affiliate in the United States is already making its way in the North American market.

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