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"Practice brings the world of business closer"

"Invest is a good package. It's well suited to studying capital budgeting and brings out the progression underlying the whole process. I use it for the BBM students' Financial Management study unit. We would like to extend use of this program to other study units and at the same time we're thinking about making use of it in business projects. It's also been used for final theses", says Kaija Koivusalo, KTM and senior lecturer in accounting.

Invest for Excel is well-suited to the idea of an open learning environment in which the student develops into a responsible decision-maker in business life by solving present-day problems in teams in collaboration with businesses. Students find it makes studying more meaningful when they are using a software application which is actually in use with many companies. Concrete examples offer them the possibility to observe what decision-makers base their decisions on when these have a decisive effect on companies' futures.

"One of Invest's many advantages is that it automatically ensures that students keep moving forwards, otherwise they would too easily spend time on the outward appearance or on Excel formulas, and would forget what they're really supposed to be doing. For higher education purposes it's also important for a program to be fast like Invest, and not ‘get stuck' like those programs whose speed is adversely affected the more simultaneous users there are."

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Laurea University of Applied Sciences

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Laurea University of Applied Sciences serves the Helsinki metropolitan area with particular emphasis on the area's competitiveness and development.




Laurea is Finland's third largest multi-disciplinary university of applied sciences with more than 8000 students (of whom 1200 in adult education), and 11 Finnish-language and 4 English-language degree programmes.