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Customer stories

Customers' comments:
"For us it was crucial that Invest for Excel has a very high degree of flexibility. – We also value highly that the calculation rules are exhaustively tested and are protected against changes."
(Daimler, DE)

Industry: Automotive

Broekman Logistics

“It was easy to learn how to use the program. Everything what you need to do is to provide basic data and model your revenue and costs, the program will take care about the rest of the work: you don’t need to think how to build formulas or layouts.”

(Director Group Controlling, Broekman Logistics, NL)

Industry: Logistics and Supply chain

Family Dollar Stores
"Invest for Excel has worked perfectly for us for the last 7 years. I would highly recommend Invest for Excel to others for the same or similiar use."
(Accounting Manager, Family Dollar Stores, USA)

Industry: Retail

Access Analytic
"We use Invest for Excel exclusively in all our financial modelling consulting assignments and have found it provides a far more robust platform for our models plus it reduces the time taken to develop models by around 50-80%!"
(Principal Business Analyst, Access Analytic Solutions, Australia)

Industry: Financial Consulting

Stora Enso
"Now we controllers can focus on the presumptions and results of the calculations, we don't need to worry about the correctness and form. It saves us a lot of time and money"
(Controller, Stora Enso)

Industry: Forest & Paper

Public housing company
"With Invest for Excel, I can easily add up the company's financial statements, budgets and forecasts for the coming year, and then do various simulations with investments such as purchase of heat pumps or purchase of a property which then will be renovated where certain burden of balance and some results, and then through a few keystrokes see how this affects the ratios that we use a lot of in our industry, such as operating income, property’s yield and solidity "
(Accounting Manager, public housing, SE)


"As a holding with activities in different business areas we've looked for a possibility to replace numerous different calculations by one software"
(Group controller, IKANO, LU)

Industry: Conglomerate

"The program is easy to use, it’s reliable and has a good output. – It is a good companion you can trust.”
(Financial Manager, Neste)

Industry: Oil refining and marketing