Sinew Management Group ha firmado un acuerdo de colaboración con DataPartner - DataPartner Software



Sinew Management Group ha firmado un acuerdo de colaboración con DataPartner

July 29, 2009

Headquartered in New Town, North Dakota with its Government Office in Reston, Virginia, Sinew Management Group (Sinew MG) is 100% tribally owned business. Sinew MG is a highly capable and innovative Information Technology and Services firm providing a unique Value Proposition to Federal Agencies and Government Contractors.

Sinew MG and Datapartner will co-operate in offering software and services for US State Government, Federal Government, Municipal Government as well as regional private and public companies. 

Sinew MG is wholly owned by Mandaree Enterprises LLC, an award winning Tribal Enterprise with a long history of providing products and services in the Information Technology and Manufacturing arenas. Sinew MG leverages the qualities, strengths and market access of Mandaree while also taking advantage of innovative industry partners for depth, technical expertise and personnel resources.

As result of our in-house capabilities and partnerships, Sinew MG possesses the necessary expertise to rapidly facilitate agencies response to a continuous stream of federal mandates for acquisition reform, faster and more responsive government services as well as their evolutionary initiatives in benchmarking and streamlining. And, Sinew MG is dedicated to the delivery of IT solutions that address the demanding and ever evolving e-government services environment.

To contact Sinew Management Group:

Sinew Management Group

12310 Pinecrest Road, Suite 305
Reston, VA 20191, United States of America

Phone:     +1(703) 391-1010
Fax:         +1(703) 391-1060
[email protected]

 For more information, contact:

Vitaly Stockman
+358 19 54 10 120
[email protected]


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